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Outsourced Sales Management
- Programs for both new and established businesses
- Internal management of sales operations
- Position your company for growth & success
- Leverage 25 years of sales experience
- Organizational benefits from strategic outsourcing

Sales Training
- Seasoned experts in nationwide sales training
- Diagnostic and prescriptive methods
- Implement top sales training programs for sustainable growth
- Immediate impact on selling skills
- Highly customized formal sales training programs

Mary Lombardo
Founder & CEO

Mary Lombardo is the Multi-million Dollar Sales Expert. A two-time winner of Salesperson of the Year and a member of the Million Dollar Club since 2000, Lombardo knows sales from the ground up. She is a national speaker on the skills and techniques required for quickly generating the highest possible sales revenue and landing the biggest deals.

Sammy Villanueva
Project Manager

Through his coaching and leadership, Sammy will captivate and guide clients to experience a positive transformation in their business by transforming their people. With over 15 years of experience in sales, a decade of world-class training, sales enablement, and project management, Sammy leads clients with practical methods and proven principles to achieve lasting results. Sammy holds a B.S. from the University of LaVern and is a Certified Professional in Training Management (CPTM)

Jan Ensor
Sales Training

Jan Ensor is a multimillion-dollar sales professional with a 25-year history in SaaS and other software sales. She has guided and mentored new sales representatives who went on to become top-sellers in their fields. Jan is also a Certified Salesforce Administrator.

Alexis Schomer

Alexis Schomer is a digital marketing expert, speaker, and best selling author. With a degree in marketing and entrepreneurship, she specializes in branding, logo/graphic design, website development, social media, and marketing campaigns. Alexis has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Marketing & Entrepreneurship and her digital track record includes building over 100 websites & pages.

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