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Diagnostic and Prescriptive Specialists – Data to Propel Sales

Growing your business isn’t easy. You need a partner that can take the guesswork out of running your sales teams and training your people. The Sales Impact Group process is Diagnostic & Prescriptive. Through a series of patent-pending assessments, we diagnose and prescribe specific sales strategies and specific sales training based on data.  

Our diagnostic and prescriptive process supplies meaningful and objective information that addresses your sales obstacles. We custom-create programs that specifically meet your sales goals.

When you work with Sales Impact Group, you gain access to a qualified team with more than 23 years of experience in sales strategy, sales leadership, sales management, sales training, sales coaching, and sales results. Our extensive partnerships with businesses across a wide range of industries consistently improve sales performance and boost revenue.

We firmly believe there is no one-size-fits-all formula for success. Every company has unique goals with unique teams that need to hit unique thresholds to be successful. Sales Impact Group is at the heart of what your organization truly needs. We supply custom solutions to help you increase sales. We diagnose your sales process and your salespeople. Then we prescribe specific solutions and training to meet your individual needs. By taking advantage of your organization’s behavioral data and gaining an in-depth understanding of your current and future goals, Sales Impact Group works as an extension of your team to you achieve your goals in two key areas:

Sales Process Outsourcing
  1. We collaborate with business leaders to identify areas of operational improvement and enhance established processes to continuously improve your strategies.
  2. We identify problem areas in your sales process and provide sales roadmaps to streamline sales and generate a valuable boost in sale.
  3. We create opportunities to jump-start your sales and accelerate growth.
  4. We implement patent-pending assessments that quantify overall team performance.
  5. We implement a data-driven, streamlined process to help you achieve optimal return on investment.
  6. We manage and grow your sales operations through effective sales practices.
  7. We drive measurable results based on your data so your results are sustainable.
Sales Coaching and Training
  1. Our sales assessment identifies your sales team's strengths and weaknesses to position them for success.
  2. We customize professional sales training that motivates your sales teams to perform at optimal levels.
  3. We develop virtual and in-person sales training programs to improve selling techniques and encourage upskilling.
  4. We build courses for sales managers and leaders that tackle today's challenges and position them to better lead their teams.
  5. We provide sales teams realtime coaching to help close sales.


Mary Lombardo is the Multi-million Dollar Sales Expert. A two-time winner of Salesperson of the Year and a member of the Million Dollar Club since 2000, Lombardo knows sales from the ground up. She is a national speaker sharing the skills and techniques required to quickly generate the highest possible sales revenue and landing the biggest deals.

Mary focuses on the right executive leadership, management tactics, and partnerships required to deliver massive sales. Having served as VP of Sales for the largest EdTech company in the world, she now consults with Fortune 500 CEOs to help them lead their companies and strategically increase sales and build long term partnerships with customers. Her success as a sales leader is a demonstration of her ability to guide others to profitably produce sales.

Part of her successful edge is no doubt enhanced by her advanced level of education. Earning first her Bachelor of Arts Degree from DePaul University, followed by a Bachelor of Science in Law, and then a Juris Doctorate with an emphasis in Educational Law which she graduated Summa Cum Laude.

Experience The SIG Difference

A partnership with Sales Impact Group means our coaches become a committed extension of your staff while providing multi-tiered support throughout your organization. Our veteran trainers carefully evaluate team and individual contributors to identify existing skills and talents. Additionally, we collaborate with your sales and executive teams to develop relevant and applicable best practices to continuously refine skill mastery and quantify overall performance. At AIC, we don’t stop until you achieve optimal return on investment.

Industries We Serve


We will be able to immediately provide the tools required to scale your sales pipeline including: CRM implementation to manage your sales pipeline. Databases to help you target specific markets. Content production for you to share with your buyers.


We focus on those middle market companies that would like to increase their sales and improve their sales effectiveness.

SaaS & IT

At SIG we love working with SaaS and IT companies … the market is hot, companies are growing, and by increasing sales effectiveness these companies gain value.

Equity Sponsors

With portfolio companies that might not be growing revenues effectively we can analyze why and then identify specifically what steps need to be taken to maximize effectiveness.

Attila J. Weninger
PH.D. Superintendent
"Strategic planning of any kind is now an essential and necessary skill for any organization's leader. Mary's documented success in this area from the district level to site levels is worth noting."
Lynne (Ramirez) Casey
Small Business Expo
"Mary is a wonderful public speaker. She is engaging, informative, focused, and thoroughly pleasant. She stays on topic, but keeps it up beat and exciting. Mary was an absolute pleasure to work with and i look forward to working with her again very soon."
Andy Glaser
Vice President Global Sales, ATS Life Science
"Mary is a professional and someone I would recommend to work with"
Michael O'Neill
ONE ILLustration, LLC
"Mary was great to work with - always focused, hard-working and professional."
Carol Gabrielsen
Owner at Unemployment Consultants, Inc.
"Mary does excellent work, great work ethics, will save your business time and money!!! Carol Gabrielsen."
WOMANtrepreneur, Inc.
"Mary recently spoke at our Women’s Group for Solopreneurs. In just 30 minutes she provided practical information these Entrepreneurs could begin using TODAY to pivot their sales strategies in an uncertain economy. Her passion to help and serve others emanated throughout the presentation and everyone attending only had positive feedback to contribute. We look forward to working with her again!"
Paul Cummins
"The personal training covered a lot of sales process information, delivered in concise chunks that were easy to absorb. The structure was clear, logical and effective. Mary and her team displayed their expertise on the sales process and generating leads. But it wasn’t just about the new knowledge. The main benefits came from doing assignments geared toward my business, including creating my own customized “lead magnet”, and receiving individual feedback and interacting with Mary and her team. This format gave me the confidence to implement a new sales process with a customized “lead magnet” immediately."
Dave Dunwoodie
President - Graph Tech Guitar Labs Ltd.
"Working on our new sales team structure and compensation with Mary has been very productive and beneficial for our company, our sales, customer service, and marketing team. Mary has great insights and intuition that only a seasoned professional can have. We now have a very functional sales team, CRM, and compensation plan in place, and are right on schedule with Mary’s timelines for this project. We will definitely be using her services again in the future as we expand our sales and marketing side."
Sales Impact Group
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