Sales Training

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For more than 23 years, Sales Impact Group has trained nationwide sales teams. We improve sales performance and ensure sustainable growth with diagnostic and prescriptive training methods. We’ve implemented top sales training programs that had an immediate impact on selling skills. Using our highly customized approach, we work closely with business executives and stakeholders to develop formal sales training programs that reflect the organization’s unique market drivers and selling challenges.

We’re not your typical sales training company. Our programs are based on over 23 years of proven success and experience and objective data in professional sales and sales coaching strategies. We provide data-driven training but remain fully adaptable to your company’s style and goals. We help your team strengthen client partnerships, increase value add services, and close deals. Our training models cover a wide range of topics, from prospecting and opportunity management to consultative selling, negotiation, training for sales managers and C-Level staff.

Sales Impact Group develops full-scale professional sales training programs that are diagnostic and prescriptive. Our customized learning systems can be delivered in-person or virtually through an online sales training development plan. We’ve coached hundreds of sales teams, sales managers, leaders, and professionals to help them improve their skills and boost sales and drive value across every internal operation. No matter what stage your organization is at, our training solutions and coaching strategies have your sales team covered.

Sales Team Training – Diagnostic & Prescriptive

Every buyer is unique, so your formal sales training programs should be too! Our Sales Team Training Programs are not generic or cookie-cutter. Through a patented series of assessments, we diagnose areas of improvement and prescribe specific training that addresses areas of concern to improve sales skills. We utilize your organization’s unique goals, strategies, and selling environment and create specific sales courses that enhance your sales team’s skills and improve bottom-line results. By leveraging your sales teams’ strengths, identifying customer’s needs, and articulating your unique value proposition, your team can learn how to more effectively drive value, build customer engagement, and improve selling performance with custom-built programs like:

  1. Critical Selling Skills and Behaviors
  2. Recognizing Real-Time Buying Signals
  3. Strategic Prospecting
  4. Maximizing Your Networking Efforts
  5. Uncovering Customer Pain Points
  6. Effectively Pursuing Sales Opportunities
  7. Negotiations
  8. Persuasion and Influencing Skills
  9. Consultative Sales
  10. Customized Modules

Sales Management Training

Building a great sales team starts with training effective sales managers. Developing their skills is critical to the success of your organization. Help your managers be more effective and drive performance with a customized sales management training course that builds their unique strengths in areas like:

  1. Hiring the Right Sales Team
  2. Sales Coaching for Success
  3. Building Goal-Oriented Sales Teams
  4. Managing Remote Sales Teams
  5. Effectively Coaching Sales Teams
  6. Pipeline Management
  7. Learning How to Overcome Obstacles
  8. Creating Processes to Drive Sales

Leadership Sales Training

Companies that focus only on changing their salespeople aren’t maximizing their investment or driving successful sales initiatives. It’s important to remember that corporate sustainability starts at the top. By incorporating sales training for your leadership team into your strategy, you not only cultivate a culture of inspired leadership, but you help ensure your organization’s long-term success. Sales Impact Group will partner with your management and C-Level teams to create sales leadership training programs based on your data like:

  1. Key Sales Metrics You Should Be Tracking
  2. Assessing Current Staff Talent
  3. Reinforcing Key Behaviors and Strengths
  4. Accelerating Team Results
  5. Effectively Coaching Sales Managers
  6. Creating Online Training Programs for Sales Teams
  7. Developing Measurements for Continuous Improvement
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