Your Startup Business Needs an Outsourced Sales Management Partner

Research tells us that 11 out of 12 startup businesses will fail within the first year. Without the proper guidance or knowledge, it’s easy for a startup business to fail because of poor marketing, a non-existent sales cycle process, lack of qualified employees, or lack of consistent sales strategy. With the number of obstacles every new business will face, it’s essential to be realistic and thorough with your go-to-market process and sales strategy.

When a new business is created, new owners spend a lot of time reviewing every detail of the business, from the original business idea, logistics, and accounting, to feedback and customer concerns. As each startup grows, other parts of the business responsibilities, such as product creation or marketing, will become the priority. Growing a new business can exhaust bandwidth and leave less time to grow your sales strategy.

Sales are the single-most-important part of your startup. As such, a new business needs to utilize sales strategies to grow your business, create a capital flow, and build a solid foundation for your company. Using an outsourced sales management company offers the expertise to grow your company and streamline a sales process that will enable your new business to survive the first few unpredictable years.

Understanding Your Company

Before implementing your new sales process, your outsourced sales management experts will begin by analyzing and take a deep-dive into your current business model. Understanding your business’s goals, strategies, and existing processes make it easy to understand where there may be areas for growth or a need for a new system. Every business is unique, so your outsourced sales management company should take the time to understand what your business needs to succeed.

Build a Go-To-Market Process

After the initial consultation, your outsourced management team will have a firm understanding of your business services and processes. Your company may want to have unlimited growth, but being so new to the market, you will have limited access to metrics or a proven track record to build a successful sales funnel. Your outsourced management team will help you develop those strategies, plans, and forecasts to find the path to business growth. The tools that may be used to foster this growth or create your market process may include:

  • Managing your sales pipeline with CRM implementation
  • Creating content to share with potential customers
  • Create tools and reports that can be accessed to measure your progress
  • Find your niche of specific customers and target markets
  • Create automation in your business to keep a client interested in your company and reduce mundane tasks

Using an outsourced sales management partner to grow your startup is a no-brainer. With years of expertise and proven success, outsourced sales management companies are the key to growing and sustaining your new business. If you’re a new startup and want to see how an outsourced sales management company, like the sales impact group, could benefit your company, click here to sign up for a complimentary consultation session.


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